Company Profile

Sensor Industries Limited was established in 1989, and originated in Bantian, Long Guan District, Shenzhen. Sensor is specializing in manufacture of automotive parts, car electronics and home audio products. The factory was equipped with two production lines and with a workforce of around 150. In view of the need of rapid business development, the factory was relocated to Wu Tong Shan Village, Lo Wu District, Shenzhen in 2009. This new production plant is better equipped with modern facilities and can enlarge the production capacity to fulfill the uprising demand of automotive parts from domestic market. Sensor has more than 21 years experience in R&D and electronics manufacturing.


1990s : Automotive parts, car electronics, and home audio 2009 onwards: Car DVB-T box, Car amplifier, Portable TV and wireless speaker.

Future development

Sensor is building a network which focuses not only upon domestic market but throughout the worldwide market.